Thompsons Personal Injury Solicitors

At Thompsons Solicitors we are best known for our expertise in personal injury claims and are one of the leading firms of accident injury lawyers in the country.

Our teams cover the full range of compensation claims, large or small, straight-forward or of the utmost complexity. We win more than 90% of our court cases and obtain over £1 million compensation weekly for our clients.

But our expertise extends beyond accident claims. We also specialise in employment law, and our solicitors and solicitor advocates have extensive experience in resolving employment disputes of all types.

We never represent insurers or big business: we always act for the underdog – the accident victim or worker. Nor do we limit ourselves to dealing with the law as it is – we actively campaign to make the law better, seeking reforms that will help workers, accident victims and their families.

Thompsons have been proud to support the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal, having donated £500 to cover the cost of the accommodation for the participants in July’s Three Peak Challenge, as well as supporting the Kilted Golf Day in previous years.