Upcoming Donation (88) – Moldova, November

Plaiul Soarelui – www.facebook.com/Plusuncromozom

Plaiul Soarelui were created by a group of families with children who have Down syndrome and they are renting a farm just outside Chisinau for therapy with the kids. Currently there are 4 families with kids/young adults staying at the farm.

Here is a message about them, from our contact in Moldova:
“Basically, I was told that in Chisinau there are some sort of therapy activities for such kids, but there’s literally nothing for someone who is approaching adulthood or is a young adult. Kids with Down’s need to be emotionally and physically engaged, and if they’re not – they lose their mental capacities. They have a few youngsters under their care who – for instance – have been playing the piano and reciting poems, or even studying at a community college, but now they can barely speak because they were isolated during the pandemic.

The parents have decided to try to get them engaged by working on a farm and basically these parents quit their jobs in the city and moved to the farm for the sake of the kids and they teach them how to grow fruits and vegetables, make preserves and etc. They are also organising a small theatre and are planning to engage the kids in a sort of a workshop, where they would be making toys and souvenirs for other kids with disabilities.

At this point things are difficult financially, they are hoping that they would be able to buy the farm by the end of Spring next year, or else one of the founders will lose their house in Chisinau, but as I was told there is no way they would be quitting the farm.

They have been visited by other families who have children with Down’s and other disabilities, who are interested in moving there, with the foundation hoping that they would be able to host more families if the financial situation would allow to make repairs and extend the living quarters – as an example, they do not have water – so they have to drag water from a water well.”

I’m sure you can agree that Plaiul Soarelui are yet another fantastic recipient of TASA’s donation.

We’ll be sharing details of the presentation shortly, so please keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter for the details.