Upcoming Donation (85): Denmark, September

We are pleased to confirm that the recipient of the 85th consecutive donation, to mark the game against Denmark, will be ‘Nørrebro United Football Club’ who are based in Copenhagen, an area of Copenhagen with (unfortunately) a higher frequency of low education and less economical wealth compared to the rest of the city.

They are a small amateur fans-run football club that does a lot of work with the integration of people from all backgrounds in Nørrebro area of Copenhagen. Nørrebro, with 85.000 inhabitants, has only one full size football pitch but Nørrebro United try to offer healthy activities such as football and other sporting activities to help with personal and community growth, and as alternative to less healthy activities.

More details of the club, their aims and activities can be found here on their Facebook page:


They have advised that they plan to use the donation to kickstart a youth tournament for boys and girls aged 12-15 years in different areas of Nørrebro on small 5-aside pitches.

As a side note, some of you might feel there’s something familiar about this, and we think the same as it feels very much like Donation 64 to the Vilnius Social club who also use football to attract a more diverse member base of girls and boys with different socioeconomical and ethnic backgrounds.

We will confirm the date and time of the donation nearer to the game, as we’d like to be able to welcome as many of our supporters as possible along to the presentation and we’re very hopeful this will be in person.