Kirkcaldy Tartan Army

We thank Kirkcaldy Tartan Army for supporting the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal. They have sent us this message:-

“Well the weather tried its best to knock out the KTA Sports/Burns dinner recently but we’re made of sterner stuff and it went ahead as planned – although unfortunately, due to the weather, a number of members and guests did not make it.

However, the 105 members, friends and family who managed to attend had a great time. There was plenty eaten, plenty drunk, plenty laughs – but more importantly and thanks to them and to all those who donated raffle and auction prizes, we managed to raise £2078.40.

This will be equally split between our local Baby Care Unit and the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal, so we’re pleased to say a cheque for £1039.20p will be forwarded to the Sunshine Appeal very soon and hopefully this will help you continue the great work carried out by the Sunshine Appeal.”


Edinburgh Tartan Army

We thank all the members and guests who attended Edinburgh Tartan Army’s 2012 St Andrew’s Night and who raised £215 for the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal.



The West of Scotland Tartan Army had a St Andrew’s Evening on 30th November and held a raffle that raised £285.10 for Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal funds.

We thank the members and guests of WESTA for their support.

Lunnainn Albannaich

We give our heartfelt thanks to Loony Alba who donated €100 to the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal during the recent trip to Luxembourg.

We thank also all of the people on the Loony Alba Train/Bus expedition who helped make this possible.

The close relationship that has always existed between the Sunshine Appeal and Scotland fans is maintained and strengthened by donations like this.

A report on the donation made to the Children’s cancer charity in Luxembourg can be found here

Lunnainn Albannaich

Thanks to Kev Donnelly and Loony Alba for their kind donation of £170, with funds left over from the trip to Ypres. Kev passed the cheque over to Graeme Baxter of the Sunshine Appeal at the Scottish Memorial at Frezenburg, a tribute to all Scottish troops who died in the Great War.

Thanks to Kevin and Loony Alba for their continued support.