Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 31 – Lithuania 03/09/2010

On the afternoon before the UEFA Euro 2012 qualifier, eight footsoldiers visited the head quarters of KNIEDA to present a donation from TASA. They were met by the chairman of the Association, Stanislava Mikniūnienė, and her husband who welcomed them all and introduced them to the children and their families who were able to attend.

KNIEDA is a voluntary organisation for the residents of Kaunas city which currently runs two projects – a Saturday club, and an annual summer camp – for 86 children, split across four groups according to their ability. More information on the association can be found on their website:

Following the formal presentation, footsoldiers distributed goodies and gifts from Scotland, with the ‘See You Jimmy hats’ bringing big smiles from the children – and parents who were all trying them on and getting their pictures taken!  We were also given the opportunity to look round the headquarters and the facilities which are available to the children while they attend the Saturday club. Photo albums were available of the recent summer camp, where children and their families enjoyed a break in Karklė village, a resource which the Association has been able to offer families since 1997.  More pictures here…

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Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 30 – Sweden 11/08/2010

This presentation took place in the offices of MinStoraDag, which translates as “My Big Day”. This donation differed to others in that they do not actually care for any children on premises in the same way as hospitals or orphanages do. The aim of the charity is to grant wishes of critically ill children with life threatening diseases, no matter how big or small that wish may be.

Looking through the many pictures on display, one in particular caught the eye of TASA lead for the presentation, Graeme Baxter.  It was a photo of a young boy, around 7 or 8, with someone immediately recognizable as Henrik Larsson.  Looking closer, Larsson was accompanied by Swedish superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Swedish legends Marcus Allback and Freddie Ljunberg. CEO Claire Rosvall went on to tell us about the boys day out at Helsingborg and the VIP treatment before and after the game, meeting the players, and enjoying a meal, then meeting the Swedish superstars after the game. Claire commented that trips to Barcelona and to meet Ibrahimovic in particular were always a popular selection of a wish, and she was grateful to him on several occasions for being so good in the organization of these days.

Following a tour of the premises and after hearing of some of the wonderful projects, badges were exchanged and Claire was presented with a cheque for £1,000 from the Sunshine Appeal.  TASA in return received a lovely drawing made by the children the week before, as a small gift of appreciation.  Full Story Here…

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Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 29 – Wales 14/11/2009

On the afternoon before the International friendly Ally, Morag, Neil, Andy and Jude from TASA gathered at the Children’s Hospital for Wales to present LATCH with a donation from the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal.  We were joined by Neil from “The Dragon Has Landed” who was donating, on behalf of that organisation, a number of tickets to allow children to attend the Wales v Scotland game to be held at Cardiff City Stadium.

LATCH is a voluntary organisation set up to support the special requirements of the children’s oncology centre in Wales which is based at the Children’s Hospital for Wales to help affected families and promote research in childhood cancer.  More information on the Charity can be found on their website:

Following the presentation Denise Henderson, Co-ordinator with LATCH, took us on a tour round the new family accommodation, a fantastic facility which helps families avoid being separated from their children while they are in hospital. Unfortunately, due to a recent outbreak of Swine Flu we were unable to meet any of the children. However a big bag of soft toys was left for them in order to help spread a little sunshine into the lives of those children undergoing treatment in the hospital.

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Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 28 – Japan 08/10/2009

Carillon Children’s House was established as the first children’s shelter in Japan by Carillon Children Center in March 2006. With a focus on nurturing self-reliance, the Center now hosts facilities for both boys and girls, respectively known as Carillon Door’s House (TOBIRA no IE) and Carillon Sunset Villa (Yuyake So).

Carillon Children Center’s Ms. Karin Tsuboi said, “These boys have been mistreated over long periods from a very young age, in some cases living with parents who themselves suffered from mental illness and other problems. Some of them at times fell in with organized crime as an escape. First and foremost, we work to understand the difficulties the boys have faced and show them how to live independently. Children raised in the shelter are able to set firm goals for the future, gradually finding work and becoming self-reliant.”

The presentation was held in the hotel lobby with Mrs Tsubio (director of the charity and a lawyer in Tokyo) and Dot Wilson in attendance.  Importantly, Dot had the big cheque she’d ported half the way across the globe.  Photographs were taken, hands were shaken and speeches were made.

Mrs Tsubio was astonished that a group of football fans would do such a thing, and equally astonished as to how we had found her little charity.  The money, she told us, would go to the general running of the charity, buying food, school books, clothes for the children that would pass through their hands.  “Because people think that Japan is a wealthy country, it can be hard to raise funds”, she said. “Foreign companies are quite good, but Japanese companies want to see what ‘thing’ their money has bought. Getting money for the general running was difficult and the Sunshine Appeal donation would be put to very good use”.  Full Story Here…

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Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 27 – Norway 11/08/2009

The recipient of the Norway presentation was to the Benjamin Hermansen Fund in Oslo. It’s a childrens based charity founded to commemorate the memory of Benjamin Hermansen (May 29, 1985 – January 26, 2001) a Norwegian-born Ghanaian boy whose father was born in Ghana, his mother was Norwegian. He was stabbed to death at Holmlia in Oslo, Norway, just before midnight on January 26, 2001 by Neo-Nazis.  To commemorate his memory, a foundation was set up to raise funds for Children’s charities in Norway with a preferable anti race background which his mother to this day plays an active part in.

The presentation happened on the night before the international match at the Skeid ground in Oslo during the half time period of the Norwegian Second division match between Skeid Oslo and Sarpsborg 08.  With the assistance of John Lindsey from the British Embassy and  Rich Ross who was in contact with FC Skeid, the TASA group was greeted with photographers and a good crowd at the game.  Full Story Here…


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